PLC & SCADA can be implemented in your facility in order to control your industrial electrical and electronic systems. You input your directions, and the automated system begins working toward your desired result. Cost-effectiveness can be greatly increased with a high degree of automation in industrial processes. Sound knowledge of processes is the key factor for the design and installation of automation and instrumentation systems. We provide a team of experts with the necessary expertise and experience at the highest level.

• PLC software programming & design
• SCADA software programming & design
• HMI software programming & design

The software programs we commonly use include:

• RSLogix 500 & 5000
• Siemens S7
• Delta
• Mitsubishi
• LS
• RSView
• WinCC

We think of comfort about our clients in two ways:

1. We help create a comfortable, safe, and efficient environment for the end users of our products. We make products that are easy to buy, easy to install, and easy to use. We offer end users unprecedented control with intuitive software and reliable hardware.

2. We foster comfortable relationships with our valued customers (OEM manufacturers, vendor, and value-added authorized installing contractors). We make it easy for these partners to purchase our products. We give them the tools they need to install, service, and support their customers. And we take an active and genuine interest in their business success. Take a look at our support services.

That’s why we say: “Building your comfort zone.”