Home, Goods & Automobile Elevators

Home Lift

KÖHLER Home Lift provides luxurious, simple, yet practical lift solution for penthouses and villas. New generation Home lift has an intelligent integrated controller with noise free traction. It’s an ultimate solution for villa and apartment.

Goods & Automobile Elevators

KÖHLER goods elevators are ideal solutions in industrial, parking buildings and related segments. It is designed to handle from lightweight cargoes to heavy loads such as forklifts and automobiles. It brings overwhelming advantage, such as short installation time, energy saving, environmental friendly, especially for its simple and easy maintenance. KÖHLER permanent magnet, synchronous gear less traction technology saves energy more than 50% from the traditional Geared machine Elevators. KÖHLER heavy load geared traction machine technology has powerful energy to handle your vehicle easily. The controller is equipped with 62 bit microcomputer and VVVF control technology which brings high interchangeability, smooth and comfort movements. The traction machine and guide rail runs respectively to avoid resonance and noise.